Lucky 13

This is a lucky post in the sense that it isn’t actually a 13th post, but a twelfth post. Hank feels a bit chagrined by this lapse, but he knows that almost every good post-er posting once per day will miss posting at least once in a while. You can bet he’s glad he left you flowers on Sunday, though. Whew!

So here we are then. At today’s post. Ahem. Looks like it’s going to be a Hanku.

…Lucky you!

Phinney Ridge Chicken Gang | ©2013

those neighbor chickens
watchful, alert, sharp and sly
they might be mobsters

I base my fashion taste on what doesn’t itch.
Gilda Radner

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About Hank.

Raconteur | Dog About Town
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3 Responses to Lucky 13

  1. Jillipoo'd says:


  2. Jill says:

    just replied to Hank.  He says my comment is “waiting moderation!”  Smart man!!! :))))


  3. Hank. says:

    Hank wasn’t born yesterday, you know. He’s been to one or two rodeos, etc. etc.

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