“Cave of Forgotten Dreams”


Werner had Hank at “manky, old bones on the floor”.

Hank is so excited about Werner Herzog’s latest offering, “Cave of Forgotten Dreams” that he’s started to wear his 3-D glasses all the time.

Werner Herzog? 3-D? Together?

Ayep. Here’s why: Herzog got special permission to enter and film the fantastic and otherwise off-limits Chauvet Cave in southern France – only discovered in 1994 – which is home to the most extraordinary and ancient cave art known to man or beast.  The prehistoric artist(s) utilized the cave walls’ natural contours along with etching techniques to paint hundreds of creatures (such as lions, panthers and bears) as remarkably lifelike, three-dimensional images.  Et viola. The brilliance of using 3-D to capture them on film 32,000 years later.

Check out the trailer (click on poster below), turn on your speakers, and prepare to be amazed:

Read more about this spectacular cave and its former inhabitants:


Hank bets you’ll be going to bed with your 3-D glasses on, too.

Film releases Spring 2011.


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