Labrador retriever named most popular dog in U.S.

Hank was elated. He thought the headlines read, “Hank: Labrador retriever named most popular in U.S.”

Eh. Puppy.

Instead, he finds this photo of an oh-so-cute chump of a Labrador  that’s so sweet your teeth fall out just looking at him.  “Jacob” or some such.  Hmph.

Hank thinks puppies smell funny.

He’s a graceful loser, though, so this won’t bug him for too long. But he thinks youth is overrated. Seriously. Look at that puppy. That cute-as-a-bug’s- ear puppy. That sweet, soft, adorable, squeezable, wee puppy. That’s a silly, silly puppy.

That puppy doesn’t know one thing about anything, that puppy.

(Click on that puppy for article…)


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