Are you IN or OUT?

Aloha Friday, dogs.

As you know, Hank tries to keep it light, and spread light, but lately there have been some serious things on his noggin’.  Starting locally, you probably know about the 100 or so Huskies killed by our neighbors up north at “Outdoor Adventures Whistler”:

Remember Us.

Now, should any of you care to drop these strategically ignorant Whistler malfeasants-with-a-flashy-website a line, please do so and try to behave…well, better than they have.  (Email:  Hank wrote an emphatic but civil letter.


Hank also hopes that you might stop right now, close your eyes, concentrate, and send the people of Tunisia, Egypt, Jordan, Yemen and the rest of the Middle East a big, huge, heartfelt wave of ALOHA. A massive, crystalline barrel of pure, 78-degree Aloha.

Enough, already.

Hank knows that where there’s justice there’s peace. And Hank wishes everyone peace. So keep the support for justice rollin’ on eastwards.

Hank would especially like to shout out a big woof to his hero Nick Kristof at the NYT and to the marvelous Dr. Nawal El Saadawi as well as all the brave women taking part in peaceful protest. Innaharda, ehna kullina Misryeen! “Today, we are all Egyptians” (Tickle the baby over there for the NYT link):


Lastly, Hank supports the effort to keep the Auschwitz – Birkenau sites maintained and honored for posterity. He hopes you might too, and here’s how (click either image):

Hank would like to know that others far into the future will be able to make the pilgrimage to these profound places which illustrate so brutally what happens when there is no justice, no accountability and when people forget the divine nature in all beings.

Peace out, dogs. Take–and make–hope.


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