Good Dog, Zeb

Im one heck of a great dog. And next time, Im getting the Rolls.

What a great fellow. This little Aussie captured hearts all over Seattle, not merely for surviving rush hour on 520, but for inspiring folks to do the right thing, watching out for him and reporting sightings via social media. For that Hank says thanks! (Click on photo for story).

Now, had Hank decided to go on walkabout, he’d probably be found hiding in the sandwiches at the local Quickie Mart.

But this Zeb character, no, he was hiding in Hunt’s Point. A higher-end gambit and one likely ending in the heist of a shiny new Range Rover for the drive back home had he just been given a bit more time. That’s the difference between Labs and Australian shepherds, folks. Months-old, cellophane-wrapped turkey clubs now vs. a surprise new rig for the People when they get home.

Good dog, Zeb.


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