Cougars, Cougars, everywhere…it’s time for a Cougar-rama!


Rare photo shows 8 cougars on game trail | Seattle Times Newspaper

You kids may have heard of the marvelous night photos showing eight, count `em, eight cougars on a cliff near Moses Coulee in eastern Washington (think: Channeled Scablands, multiple erratics, glacial drift, hopsage, bitterbrush & bunchgrass) which is pretty neat news for those of us dogs from cougar country.

(Click on the photo for the full article.)

Mercury Cougar-Rama Muscle Car-`SPLOSION benefit raffle

…But did you also know that there are only 12 more days to buy tickets for the spectacular Neko Case Mercury Cougar-Rama Muscle Car- ‘SPLOSION benefit raffle for Hank’s favorite writing/tutoring organization 826 National? (

No? Holy Toledo! Take a look at Neko’s video (click on photo) and get your tickets today. Hot dog!

Hank really and truly wants to win so that he can tootle around in a rig older than he is. (He’ll let you tootle around in it too, if he does.)

If you win, will you let him tootle around in it, too?

That would be nice. Let him know.

Oh, and if you watch her video to the end, you will see a very familiar cat. Yes. A very familiar cat. Coincidence? Not sure.

Buy your tickets today!


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