The Spring Tree Returns!

One of Hank’s most anticipated yearly events has occurred: the Return of The Spring Tree.

Each year, just as the cherry trees burst into delightful confectionery pinkness, fairies emerge from sparkly, petaled fairy-bowers and magically construct The Spring Tree on the corner of 75th and 1st—an otherwise unappealing corner—instantly transforming it into a veritable Tree of Life, an Yggdrasil for our Scandahoovian`hood.

These same fairies part with some of their most valued fairy possessions, stringing them to the tree and inviting others to take them, or share their own.

Spotted today were a pink camera, more green plastic necklaces than you could shake a shillelagh at, a bird house for very tiny birds, several dolls, a stuffed wee horse, a monkey, and lovely, lovely homemade cardboard dinosaurs (helpfully labeled, “Dino”).

Plus, biscuits.

So many biscuits.

Hank XXOO loves the Spring Tree and showers blessings (in a manner of speaking, of course) on the wee folk responsible for its creation.

He also sympathizes with the stylistic and technical difficulties of attaching prizes to string, and keeping it cute.

Thank you, sprites!

Welcome, Spring!


P.S.  Hank’s going to miss you, Elizabeth Taylor. 1932 – 2011.


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