Earth Hour tonight

Hey dogs! It’s spring, and that means Hank’s going to participate in Earth Hour tonight—he hopes you will, too.

Tonight, at 8:30 PM, folks around the globe will switch off their lights as a symbol of their commitment to solving global climate change . Check it out:  Earth Hour – Home.

It’s a small thing, really, but brings up some interesting themes of individual choice, social responsibility, global networking, and ultimately, our small planet’s limitations. Hank would really like to send his light to Japan, which could use some.

Please join him tonight!


On a related note, one of Hank’s Very Favorite People is starting a documentary project on one of the western “pioneering” families that you’ve never heard of. A number of the family members’ lives spanned the end of the 19th century to the late 20th, making them witness to and beneficiaries of the many technological and social changes that came to the West in particular and the world in general.

Along with documenting the family’s history in photographs, Hank’s VFP is digging in to what the folks who witnessed such remarkable industrial transformation and a little of the backlash to it all—electricity, transportation, food production, medicine, ideas—thought about events such as Earth Hour today. What did they or would they think about getting uppity about how well one recycles, grows gardens, or rides a bike to work?  What did they think of the faddish nature of nature? Most importantly: does it matter?

Stay tuned for updates!


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