Happy April

April! Finally.

No joke here. No sunshine either. Seattle enters its 1000th continual day—more or less—of rain. Seagulls wheel and cry over the House of Hank, mistaking our sodden street for the Sound.


But is Hank blue? Nah. He’s got other things to do such as announce National Poetry Month, and that his pal, the poet A K Mimi Allin, has launched her “Tahoma Kora: A Human-Powered Spiritual Journey” project on KICKSTARTER.

Mimi plans to circumambulate Mt. Rainier this summer,  walking and prostrating a 93-mile circuit around our beloved, snow-covered volcano in the manner of a pilgrim. This ancient practice of circling a sacred object, common in almost every religion, and Mimi’s choice to practice it here holds a certain richness to many of us living under Rainier’s gaze.

Known to the native Salish tribes as Tahoma—”the snow-covered mountain” in the Lushootseed language—Rainier is an omnipresence. The phrase, “The Mountain is Out ” not only indicates a beautifully sunny, clear day in Seattle, but is almost always spoken in awe. We seem to forget just how big, how beautiful, that mountain really is each time we see it afresh.

You’ll say it too, if you’re here when The Mountain is Out.

…Mimi’s been working hard to make this journey a reality and Hank is glad to see her wonderful progress! Take a look and join Hank in the pilgrimage:

Tahoma Kora on KICKSTARTER


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