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Wonder what’s coming up at House of Hank?

Oh, I do! I do! Tell me!

Here’s a wee sampling of the treats Hank’s got squirreled away for you. (Did someone just say squirrel?) This is going to be a delicious few weeks ahead folks, so save your spork, there’s pie!

Pastys vs. Pasties: Some Differences

Hank waxes nostalgic on Butte, Montana – with all that entails – and shares his most favorite treats with you!

She Took My Boots & Kicked Me Out

Why getting a good pair of custom cowboy boots is the best thing you can do for your feet. And your soul.

And your truck.

And your dog.

Especially for your dog.

“…That Should be Required Eating in Schools!”

Why Meyer lemons rule early spring…but it’s a kind rule.

Honk if You’re Happy

Hank visits Astoria, Oregon and meets the local bachelors. Fat, loud and flatulent. He also meets a few Goonies, who are somewhat better behaved.



Hank’s Hamantaschen

Think: Idaho meets Long Island and has a delicious love child.

(Wait. That sounds very familiar.)

Locals Only

You know da kine, brah. The rise of everything local. And shared. Hank weighs in!

The College Level Bubble Bath & Dust-Up

Is there really a higher education bubble? Hmm. Hank’s two cents on $50,ooo educations and thought fads. Including interviews.

On Hank’s Nightstand

Hank’s latest chews. Think: Twinkies, arugula, the WPA, cod, baby Grim Reapers, tiny houses, and very old women.

The State of Bee Union Address

Updates on Hank’s hives and his beekeeping zeal.

Aww, Hail.

Winter continues apace in Seattle. But Hank found an arrowhead on the beach and something else strange, so all’s not lost. Perhaps you can help solve the mystery!

Sneak Peak: INDIA

Get a sneak peek of what’s coming to Hank’s travel gallery!  Super-cool video from an evening at Bodh Gaya, the site of Buddha’s Enlightenment. Don’t miss this one.

…Hank can’t wait to share all this and more with you soon!


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