Hank’s End-of-Week Roundup! Ballard, Bottles & Ballet

Good news, dogs.

Babe & John Shepherd (Photo: Seattle Times | Ellen Banner)

Hank’s beloved fish & chips valhalla is getting a new lease on life thanks to another neighborhood favorite, Red Mill Burgers.

Oh boy oh boy, Hank has a hard time expressing how happy this makes him—thumpity thump—and he imagines the neighborhood seagulls (Ballard bald eagles) must be beside themselves. It’s a grand day for old-style Seattle landmarks, good grub and quirk in general.

Thanks, Red Mill!

Read more about it here:

All You Can Eat | Red Mill Totem House: it’s a go at Ballard landmark | Seattle Times Newspaper.

Veggie Burger with Onion Rings, Please!


In other local news, it looks like someone wasn’t recycling up near Capitol Hill.

Party on...Excellent

As the Seattle Times reports, construction crews digging about 38 feet under the street near the Paramount this week found all sorts of interesting bits dating from the 1880s. The finds ranged from dining room chairs and intact boardwalks to Rainier Beer bottles and lots and lots of shoes.

(Click on Garth photo for the full article)

As the Times notes, Burke Museum archaeology curator Peter Lape sounds pleased with the finds:

“”One of the things about Seattle is that not much has been done about its history archaeologically. So much…has just been bulldozed, and historical stuff just goes in the Dumpster…There were squatter settlements and brothels and opium houses and all kinds of crazy stuff, and all of it is just sitting in the mud…” [emphasis Hank’s]

Ah, squatters, brothels, opium dens, and mud. Hank’s reminded that he needs to finish up his monograph on Butte, Montana. A late Valentine, but heartfelt all the same.



Lastly, Hank’s sad to learn that his most favorite Pacific Northwest Ballet principal dancer—Ariana Lallone—is retiring from the company. Sigh.

Seeing Lallone dance with PNB these many years has been a big treat for Hank and one of the very best things about PNB.

Hank’s been lucky enough to see Lallone in just about everything she’s danced: George Balanchine’s “Violin Concerto,” Nacho Duato’s “Jardi Tancat” and Kent Stowell’s “Hail the Conquering Hero” as well as years of our wonderful  “Nutcracker” with sets designed by Maurice Sendak.  Always a striking and magnetic presence, her performances in Balanchine’s “Rubies” & “Four Temperaments”, Val Caniparoli’s “Lambarena”, Stowell’s “Carmina Burana”, and William Forsythe’s “In the middle, somewhat elevated” made ballet (for Hank at least) something better than its old self.

If you never saw Lallone dance, well, darn it, you missed something good.

And here’s a little something you’re unlikely to know: She’s nice to the PNB school students. You know, those tiny, aspiring dancers who sometimes get lost in the tulle? Lallone’s known for being encouraging and kind to the wee sprites—Hank’s witnessed it firsthand several times—and that’s gold in Hank’s book.

Hank’s going to miss his favorite ballerina. Aloha, Ariana, and thanks for the years of inspiring performances!


Now go and have a good weekend, everyone!


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