Strange Thing from Camano Island

Hey dogs, Hank needs your help figuring something out. (And brings a perfect diversion to those of you who haven’t yet filed your taxes and are searching for one more sidetrack…may Hank suggest IRS Form 4868? You’ll have more time to ponder the following question.)

…Anyone missing one of these?


Didn’t think so. Hank recently discovered this strange thing at the bottom of an eroding Camano Island shoreline cliff, on a particularly spooky day along Puget Sound.

Hesitant to approach the odd thing, Hank pawed at it a bit and retreated. It didn’t jump up and bite him, so he gave it a sniff.

Hmm. Earthy. Slight marine top notes but not remarkable.

A tree root structure of some sort?

Upon closer inspection, he found sandwiched between the multiple pig ear-like structures a soft-ish white material with the mouthfeel of frozen lard (see photos below: the coin is a quarter, which will give you a feeling for overall size). The structure itself chews rather like cartilage, while the harder blackish bits inside the “ears” look and feel like hardened tar.

Overall culinary experience: Meh.


Hank’s scratching his head on this one.

Give him a shout if you figure it out! And good luck with those taxes.


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