Merry Samhain, goblins!

It’s been a while since you’ve heard much from Hank, but he wants to assure you that he is quite well and still making his very corporeal rounds, “On the Lookout for Squirrels & Other Worthy Pursuits”™. Hank was pretty busy this summer and consequently  fell a little behind in his letters. Among other things, Hank stowed away aboard a ship bound for Southeast Alaska, did a bit of nursemaid-ing for tenants of The Green Couch, worked on some lovely gardens,  participated in the Greenwood Gumshoe, started opening early morning doga classes, shamelessly caught up on South Park, and generally entertained Danes, Norwegians, children and assorted canines. Plus, beer. So you can see how he could get sidetracked.

But never fear! Hank’s back and dedicated to Post A Week. In fact, Hank’s beginning his second year of NaNoWriMo so he’ll be busy tap-tap-tapping his way through November and will not neglect to keep in touch with you! Rest assured that from Cossacks on the Viaduct to dogs Occupying Wall Street–with some dams & dynamite and equally good fish & chips thrown in for good measure–Hank’s got a lot of stories to share.


So back to business! News from Hank:

You may know that Halloween has never been one of Hank’s favorite holidays, due to the bumblebee outfit and all, I am slowly being driven insane. Please send help.but as he ages the holiday seems to grow on him. Like carbuncles. Or fatty tumors. But nicer than a carbuncle or a fatty tumor.

So this years’ annual Phinneywood Safe Trick-or-Treat extravaganza just seemed better than ever.  Folks young and old strolled down Greenwood Avenue, thoroughly enjoying the welcome sunshine, our local merchants, and that marvelous, odd, and distinctively quirky spectacle that is Halloween in America. Everyone had a smile on his/her/its face. (Everyone but a small, green Peanut M&M who apparently melted in his parents’ hands.)

You just never know what you’ll encounter on the ‘Ridge but you can bet it will be puzzling.  Ambulatory mullets, banksters, cowgirl princess ninjas, biohazard, small tins of breath mints, a toe, the obligatory accessory Weiner dogs with condiments. A few years’ back Hank came upon a  family enjoying a wholesome outing. (Imagine being old enough to find this deeply ironic.) This year, there was one dicey moment involving Hank and a very small child dressed as a very large squirrel, but all went well and no one was treed.

Each year Hank marvels at the Great Pumpkin spirit this event generates and thinks how lucky he is to be part of this supportive (and dog-friendly) community. Bravo local merchants!

Thanks for the biscuits.

…And Boo!

Greenwood Grim ReaperSo, how do you pronounce that?Occupy Wall Street(eek!)

…still there?

Then check this out:

On another note, today marks the day we become a planet of 7 billion humans. This is a little tricky and a little spooky. Check out Global Population Speak Out and the trailer for an interesting new documentary:

It's time to talk      Caring for 7 Billion

Happy Halloween!


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