Hank’s Biscuits. And a Love Pome.

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Big thanks to everyone who bought biscuits and other delightful treats this weekend!

Oh, the plethora of delicious things.

Hank recollects that he’d simply mentioned he liked bacon, and the next thing he knew he was in the kitchen bakin’.

110% Rico-Approved

110% Rico-Approved

But no matter. It just so happens that his super-duper peanut butter & yam treats are lovely for people and their sweets, so everything worked out fine. Especially for the pigs. Happy Valentine’s, Babe.

Turns out, Hank loves baking biscuits, so don’t hesitate to ask if you’re in need of 100% organic | vegan | wheat & corn-free | super-delicious treats!

As added sweetener, Hank’s biscuits come with love poems. Which he prefers to call pomes, because he’s Hank. He also likes to write haiku but—no surprise here—he calls these Hanku, which he feels more accurately conveys his meaning and tone.

Are those biscuits in your bag or did you really buy me an art book at the Met?

Here’s one for you, whatever you call it:


POME by Hank

There once was a dog named HANK,
Who wished he had snacks in the bank.
So he went to go look
But found they’d been took –
By Squirrels! Squirrels! Those Darn Squirrels!

The End.



About Hank.

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