Emerald Eyels

Stuff Hank Saw in Seattle Today.

Chuck's Hop Shop


Chuck’s Hop Shop.  Hank went to visit his old friend Guinness.  Hank took this photo with his beer goggles on.

Moss Attacks!

Hank dropped his goggles somewhere around here, looking at crazy amounts of moss while looking for

A Very Nice Fire Hydrant

…this very nice fire hydrant.

From Iowa, of all places.

Nice Wall

And this equally pleasing wall.

Carrot Wearing Pants

Here’s a carrot wearing pants.

Thank goodness.

Earning Drinky-Poo Badges (photo via Jezebel)

And Hank would be remiss to not mention the hordes of green-garbed Girl Scouts stalking storefronts and peddling delicious Tagalongs and other gateway drugs and generally raising heck. And high water.

Finally, there’s this:

And This

To which he has no comment.



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