Good Things

I wear ribbons sometimes.

Ah, Martha.

Don’t tell your Chow-Chows, but our pal Hank recently received a truly divine work of artcraft, an object so lovingly wrought and deftly hewn it astounds in every way.

Be still Hank’s heart! It’s still all pittery-pat with excitement. Now, Hank gets headshot requests fairly often but never, ever, ever expected something like this beauty to result from such a request.

Feast your eyes again, fellow connoisseurs:

What is that I smell? Is it Beauty?

What is that sweet scent? Is it Beauty? Is it Love? Is it Acrylic?

Bewitching, is it not?

You might ask, “Who is this divine artist? Who is so handy in the ways of pony beads and pink ribbon?” Why, it’s none other than Hank’s longtime fan and style master Shosh E. Poshi and her delightful daughter Rose, who personally delivered this hand-made likeness of love straight to the House of Hank.

Hank pretty much fell off the velvet couch in delight, as you might imagine.


In gratitude, Hank would like to send out a big bark to the wonderful Ms. Poshi and dedicate the following lovely images to her:

The Rare Datsun Firebird | 2012 ©

The rarest of the rare. A fine-winged beast that Hank caught on the fly during his annual spring bird count: The Elusive Datsun Firebird.

Rarely is such a creature glimpsed in the wild.

Also this:


This is the also-rare Hawaiian `Ahankiapuapua. He has a beautiful and distinctive call.

Mahalo, Shosh! Pupus on the lanai and Coors on Hank any time.





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2 Responses to Good Things

  1. Dana A says:

    I’m sure enjoying the missives from the House of Hank – keep ’em coming!



  2. Hank. says:

    Heck, yeah! Hank lives for making everyone happy. Thanks for the note and keep in touch!
    By the way, your website is lovely…your drawings make Hank smile. Spike is exceptionally handsome, too.

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