Off the Rez

Food hounds!

Hank ventured Off the Rez again today for some sweet, sweet frybread and warm summer memories.

Each Thursday from 11:00 am—2:00 pm the heavenly NDN food truck alights in front of EVO in Fremont. So if you can deal with it (sure did love you before you got them fancy boots, Fremont), get on down there with an appropriately hungry belly.

Here’s the basic schedule:

  • Wednesdays:  South Lake Union (at Boren & Harrison), 11am to 2pm
  • Thursdays:  Fremont at Evo Headquarters (122 NW 36th St), 11am to 2pm
  • Fridays:  Capitol Hill (1005 East Pike Street, next door to Big Mario’s Pizza), 10pm to 2am
  • Saturdays:  Capitol Hill (1005 East Pike Street, next door to Big Mario’s Pizza), 10pm to 2am

Hank’s hoping the truck’s stops will expand to include Ballard. So that he won’t miss that precious 11am to 2pm window like he did today, and land up crying himself to sleep dreaming of last Thursday.

Last Thursday, it was pouring down rain and Hank had places to be. He just had time to grab some grub and eat on the fly.

Well, he just peeked at the honey & cinnamon & sugar-coated frybaby in its wee compostable container and poof. It was gone. Hank figured he needed to stop driving, put the rest of the grub on the hood of the truck, eat it all up, and let the rain wash his sticky paws clean. So he did. Lickety-split. 

Dare he mention the delicious and beautiful corn/bean/squash/quinoa succotash? The marvelously spicy, saucy, vegetarian chili Indian taco? The deep, deep irony that surrounds well-loved dishes made from decidedly non-loving commodity foods? 

However you fry it, Hank thinks a visit to Off the Rez will turn a gray day into at least a gray day with some honey and sparkles. Just don’t try to eat and drive.

Dogs don’t eat and drive. And don’t miss the 11am to 2pm window like Hank did today, or you’ll be crying too.

Last word:



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