Things Hank Saw Today

What Just Happened? | 2012 ©

  • A frolic of Labradors
  • A ray of sunshine
  • A floundering, saffron-sailed junk rig ketch and associated sailor rescued by the Seattle Police boat in the waters off Shilshole: Flashing blue and white lights, siren and everything.
  • Warm sand
  • A brown-robed, rope-belted and Birkenstock-besandaled Franciscan monk.  A cheerful, sunburned, Friar Tuck with rosary beads attached to rope belt via metallic blue carabiner. (Indicating he was a Seattle monk.) This particular monk noted what a great dog Hank was, which led Hank to consider that he was also a pretty smart monk.
  • A Chevy Trailblazer covered entirely in Brooks & Dunn.  A `Blazer emblazoned and on FIRE with Brooks & Dunn. A  longhorn-skulled, cowboy-hatted, mobile, visual Donnybrook of Brooks & Dunn. The absolutest, most truest, #1 Fan (NUMBER ONE FAN!!) wagon of Brooks & Dunn.  A vehicle that very likely does not belong to either Brooks or Dunn. This rig was complete: airbrushed sides, window wraps, license plate surrounds, license plate, air fresheners, you name it, this pup HAD it. Who knew Brooks & Dunn had custom tow hitch covers? Hank may have spotted a Brooks & Dunn baby car seat, though he’s not positive because he kind of had to look away at that point. This horseless carriage even left a little Brooks & Dunn motor oil in the parking lot when it hit the trail. Amazing, that sheen.
  • The beginning of June


SINCE 1991…80,000 pounds of confetti, 30,850 jelly doughnuts



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