Jedno černé pivo, prosím! Hank’s Beer Taste

Kind of Like Notre Dame | 2012 ©

One can travel the world and enjoy many fine, fine experiences, but it’s the coming back home again and traveling one’s own big block that makes the travels so sweet, ano? 

Take the light in Hank’s neighborhood joint Chuck’s Hop Shop, for example. Suggestive of the lovely illuminated windows at Chartres, mais oui? The golden lightness of a summer evening in Tuscany, si? That fine, clear alpenglow of the Swiss Alps at sunset? Gäll? Wämmer eis go ziie? 

There’s a hole in my bucket. I’m seriously. Jetz isch färtig luschtig.

Yes. Yes. And Yes! Peregrinations at home and abroad show that good bars are essential to sustainable communities ( ᔥ The Atlantic Cities) and they are beautiful, even if your stern Lutheran Great Grandma might not think so. The academics may call the phenomenon a “lingering index” but whatever. It’s hangin’ out in lovely spaces and Hank’s all about hangin’ out in lovely spaces.

Luckily, Hank has what you would call beer taste so this isn’t difficult. Not highbrow, not fussy. Beer taste. Beer taste came in handy back in his days in the freshly freed Czech Republic, where professionals shuffled about in slippers, beer cost 30 cents, and the Hare Krishnas were rock stars Plus, coal. Those were the salad years. Back then you could shaka Václav Havel on a fairly regular basis. Hey, howzit, Václav? Man, that country was all about hanging out.

Thank goodness here in Seattle we’ve got lots of good beer and lots of good causes, which we put together frequently. This Saturday in fact, July 21 from 4 – 7 pm, our lovely PNA is hosting the 7th Annual PNA Summer Beer Taste. Yippee!

Good Cause | 2012 ©

It’s good to drink beer. Just `cause.

…Come and hang out with Hank this Saturday in the enchanting lower PNA parking lot. Hank and/or his Very Favorite Person may/may not be wearing: 1. a pillowcase; 2. a lampshade; or 3. a skirt turned sideways and caddywhumpus until it forms a sundress. Type thing.

(Big hat tip ↬ to Refashionista, who seems like Hank’s kind of southern goofball and one who would probably be extra nice to him. After all, hasn’t his VFP been known to mend dilapidated underwear with staples, use old gym socks as hair ties, and rely heavily on Duct Tape as the go-to clothes fixit? Didn’t she also show up late to a wedding in Baltimore, FOB from Nepal, clad solely in two scarves and couldn’t just leave it alone—let it stand as a Level III Fashion Violation/jet lag travesty—but just had to tell everyone she was only wearing two scarves on purpose,  woohoo?)

No? Maybe he didn’t mean to mention any of that. Moving along.

Whom Among Us Does Not Like Helles Belles?  | 2012 ©

Whom among us does not like Helles Belles?

Scarves or no scarves, Southern Belles or Helles Belles, Hank’s looking forward to partaking of brews from 21 Northwest breweries including brews made all specialish for this event…tickets are $25 for PNA members, $30 for General Public and $10 for Designated Drivers. You know who you are, so sort yourselves accordingly.

Tickets    Volunteer

Indiana Chuck & the Goblet of Fire | 2012 ©

Indiana Chuck & the Goblet of Fire

Hank has no more to say on the subject so he’ll leave you with more pretty pretty pictures from Chuck’s:

Hello Kitty I Am Confused | 2012 ©

Well, Hello, Kitty.

Yep, It's This Classy | 2012 ©

Yep, this place is all that.

Kung Fu Girl Spuds MacKenzie Eh? | 2012 ©

Mám žízeň, Spuds! Opravdu! Na shledanou!


Beauty is in the eye of the beer holder.

—Kinky Friedman


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