Cairn Fever III: Return of The Haggi

The Sailboat or the Runner? | 2012 ©

Which do you fancy? Sailboat or runner?

They’re back!

The Haggi. Everyone’s favorite Haggis Twins—as roly-poly and full of vinegar as ever. Uncle Hank’s Summer Camp is officially open!

The Haggi have already earned their badges in Alley Clearing, Squirrel-Calling, Treat-Mongering, and Kelp. They’re working on the Bark n’ Burns Marathon now.

Conan | 2012 ©
This is what it looks like when I recite Burns.
Winifred | 2012 ©
This is what it looks like when I fly. (I’m too fast to catch on film so I’ll just demonstrate here).
Wheee! | 2012 ©
Lookit how my stomach just cleared this log!
Winifred Considers | 2012 ©
Kelp | 2012 ©

For their Alley-Clearing badges, the Twins led Hank around and about all sorts of fusty passages, pointing out spots which appeared to be blackberry and ivy-entangled rat-traps but were, in fact, exactly that.

Today a Secret Garden | 2012 ©
Today a Secret Garden…tomorrow a wasteland of startled inhabitants.

Hmm | 2012 ©

There they go. Down the rabbit hole. Back in a minute, after much hubbub and hullabaloo.

Even the Pawprints Have Moss in Seattle | 2012 ©
Here’s a mossy Seattle clue…

The Bonnie, Bonnie Back Alleys of PhinneyWood | 2012 ©
And more stuff they whizzed by in the bonnie, bonnie byways:

Four Blue Chairs | 2012 ©

Bursts | 2012 ©
Wheat Wall | 2012 ©
Rocks Besieged | 2012 ©

After much mischief, The Twins were pretty sure there was a Grilled Cheese Badge which they must earn or die trying, so they made their way over to magic on wheels: The Grilled Cheese Experience food truck.


AIEEEEE! |  2012 ©
Where they met others equally mesmerized by the thing.

AIEEEEE! Too |  2012 ©
Clearly, I’ve had The Experience. 

Such delightful times!

Hank and The Haggi wish you the same and a sunny, delicious weekend as you conquer your own personal El Guapos and pursue your own badges of dubious merit. Be safe, be well and be really, really good looking.


Good humor may be said to be one of the very best articles of dress one can wear in society. 

– William Makepeace Thackeray


Fair winds, Sally Ride and J.P. PatchesGood luck, Chief Joseph’s pilfered war shirt.

Sally Ride | NASA

Sally Ride | NASA

Stolen Goods | MICHAEL SCOTT | AP



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2 Responses to Cairn Fever III: Return of The Haggi

  1. Robynne Raye says:

    Best substitute dog mama ever, the Haggis twins love you 🙂

  2. Jo Woolf says:

    Ohhhh, I see what you mean! 🙂 That’s the kind of nose that Purdey likes to bear-bait under the fence! But two of them? Not sure – but she’d have a go! The Pomeranian (? – not good at dog breeds) made me laugh!

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