Whidbey Wonderful

Whidbey Wonderful | 2012 ©Houseofhank.me

Hank and friends recently took to the waters off Double Bluff Beach, one of his most favoritest of localish spots. Blue skies, blue seas, and high adventure ensued!

Three Dog Day | 2012 ©Houseofhank.me

The three buddies piled into Hank’s R/V Lab Cruiser and set off aboard the M.V. Kittitas to Whidbey Island. Wheehaw!

M.V. Kittitas | 2012 ©Houseofhank.me

Darned if that boat wasn’t thick with dogs doing the same thing, and hoping to get topside for some serendipitously dropped french fries and lots and lots of wind.

Sigh | 2012 ©HouseofHank.me

Too bad the Washington State Ferries see fit to play the NO DOGS ALLOWED song outside of the car deck, which makes Hank sad every time he hears it.

So Hank's a Smoking Sport Cleat? | 2012 ©HouseofHank.me


According to the Washington State Ferries, Hank’s known accomplices are, essentially, cancer sticks and dangerous footgear. Well, somebody’s the Number One something or other back there.

Once the threesome sped off to the more ecumenical Double Bluff area, however, they luxuriated in sunshine, cool waters, and more scents than you could shake a stick at—though there was some lovely stick-shaking to be had.

Double Bluff Deux | 2012 ©HouseofHank.me

Stick Fetch Pas de Deux | 2012 ©HouseofHank.me

Drift | 2012 ©Houseofhank.me

Such lovely sticks!

Contrast | 2012 ©Houseofhank.me

Such fetching rocks!

Rock Face | 2012 ©Houseofhank.me

Contrast II | 2012 ©Houseofhank.me

Beach Bluff Geology II | 2012 ©Houseofhank.me

And such cliffs! Such beautiful, complicated cliffs!

Beach Bluff Geology | 2012 ©Houseofhank.me

Beach Bluff Geology III | 2012 ©Houseofhank.me

It was all almost too much to take in.

Rocks & Water | 2012 ©Houseofhank.me

Fortunately, “almost too much” did not include “taken by eagles”. Which would have been too much.

Hank tethers his small pals in eagle country.

Petrified Sea Cucumber with Chihuahua for Perspective | 2012 ©Houseofhank.me

He also uses them as handy measuring tools. Here Hank has discovered a petrified sea cucumber. Or something. (See Chihuahua for scale).

Print | 2012 ©Houseofhank.me

The day ended with making tracks to Langley-by-the-Sea and a leisurely lounge-about amidst winsome sights…

Hollyhocks | 2012 ©HouseofHank.me

That's No Dog | 2012 ©Houseofhank.me

Yikes! And sounds…

Dandy Lion | 2012 ©Houseofhank.me

Rowr! And random curiosities…

Again with the Dog | 2012 ©Houseofhank.me


What Hank really wanted to do was check in on The Dog House.

The Dog House | 2012 ©HouseofHank.me

Which he adores.

Still Not Smokin' | 2012 ©HouseofHank.me

The Dog House, which remains, unfortunately, CLOSED.

Closed. As in Not Smokin’. No cleats. No dogs.

Hank’s longtime dream—a Dog-Welcoming Saloon/Hotel/Surf Shop—sits. And stays. Closed. Again. Still.

Est. 1908 | 2012 ©HouseofHank.me

Established 1908. Closed since about then.

Hey, Dog | 2012 ©HouseofHank.me

No pitter-patter of little paws…

Hank's Hangout | 2012 ©HouseofHank.me

No theatrical tumbling down rickety stairs…

Today?  | 2012 ©HouseofHank.me

Nothin’. Pay no attention to that plaque behind the curtain.

So. Scoot your nose closer to the glass for a peek inside: 

Swingin' Doors | 2012 ©HouseofHank.me

Those are swinging doors, folks.

Butte, Already | 2012 ©HouseofHank.me

Be still Hank’s cowboy heart.

Is it Butte or WHAT? | 2012 ©HouseofHank.me

Honestly, now. Could this place just be any better? Could Butte come any more clearly to mind? Can you imagine any spot that Hank Williams Sr. Labrador would rather preside over and sing a little song? (OK, pipe down, Hawai`i. You too, Baja.)

Earthquake Schmearthquake | 2012 ©HouseofHank.me


And what’s this fuss about earthquakes, anyhow? Put floats on that puppy. Let it go all houseboat if necessary.

Back Door | 2012 ©HouseofHank.me

Could there be a better launch?

Still Waiting | 2012 ©HouseofHank.me


So Hank waits. And wishes. And waits some more. And thinks, for perhaps the third time, “I wish I had a million dollars!” and, Maybe this would be a good time for someone to drunk dial Mr. and Mrs. McMenamins!”

Good thing Hank doesn’t have thumbs.

Or is it?


Follow your inner moonlight; don’t hide the madness. 

– Allen Ginsberg



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2 Responses to Whidbey Wonderful

  1. Robin says:

    So are we buying’ in and fixing’ up?? Where do we sign?

  2. Hank. says:

    OH!! Wouldn’t that be the most splendid thing? Hank has counted his change jar over and over and over again and it still comes up to $34.36. Not quite the amount he figures he would need to take a saloon/B&B for a spin.

    But an entity like McMenamins…now there’s some know-how and bankly muchness. Can’t you see it? Hank would really, really, really like to be the dogtender/spokesmodel, and living by the water again wouldn’t be too bad. The Dog House is too dreamy to sit vacant. It needs big love!

    P.S. Hank and his VFP miss you! Let’s get together very soon, huh?

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