Captain’s Courageous

2nd Beach Sunset | ©2012

October has brought its round, orange rump into Seattle and with it continuing sunshine and warmth…such a treat! While Hank would prefer that our summers start in, say June? He’s not complaining.

Speaking of roundly russet rumps, what is Hank doing?

He’s so glad you asked: Plenty. You see, October is Adopt A Shelter Dog Month! To mark (heh) the event, Hank visited a shelter. Yep. And then he adopted a dog.

Yes. Hank would like to formally introduce Captain Henry Stanley. Hank calls him “CAP” and Cap will never again be called late to dinner.

Captain's Courageous | ©2012

Isn’t he beautiful?

Oh, my. Let’s look again:

Yes, beautiful! | ©2012

Yes. Beautiful.

(N.B. It’s entirely a coincidence that Captain Stanley’s nickname is “Hank” and that he’s a ringer for Hank in his younger days. Entirely. And KMG365…Cap may also have spent some time in the LAFD in the 70s. Maybe.)

Cap’s story is a sad one, and shared by too many critters in our communities. This hale, 10-year old fellow was tossed overboard and abandoned at least three times by people—the last time he was left tied up outside the animal shelter in the cold. When Hank found him, Cap had been in the slammer for a month, wasn’t eating, and was very, very scared.

A little skinny | ©2012

Hank hopes you pardon his spicy talk here, but the hell with that.

So Hank took him home. As you can see, Cap was a little the worse for wear. But less than 24 hours after his liberation, Cap found himself eating fish & chips with the burly dudes at the Pacific Inn and being fed bacon by the bartender—and this after a long day of frolicking in the Sound and being coddled by Hank’s Very Favorite People.

HMS Sofa, Ahoy! |  ©2012

Ahoy, green velvet couch! Cap’s getting his sea legs back.

Back on Board | ©2012

He’s even gaining a little weight and bravely trying some old and new tricks. Like driving.

More Like It | ©2012
And going to shows.

Smooth Sailing | ©2012

And being entirely well-behaved.

So how about it?

If you’ve been thinking you might have room in that vast heart of yours, how about throwing a lifeline to another foundering ancient mariner? Will you join Hank this month and bring in another senior from the cold?

(OK, sure, Hank was hoping any new addition to the house would include Loretta Lynn*, but that’s just Hank. Old dogs are simply the best dogs. They’re mellow, they’re easy to read and train, and they always remember you’ve rescued them. Always always.)

Here’s some great news: From October 12th-14th, Seattle Humane Society is waiving all adoption fees (but you’ll donate anyway, right?) on cats, dogs and other critters:

…and there are so many more available through Seattle-area Old Dog Haven

…and Seattle Purebred Dog Rescue

…and Petfinder

But WAIT! There’s MORE!

MORE???? | ©2012


To sweeten the proverbial pot, if YOU adopt an older shelter dog this month and promise to love and cherish him or her forever, Hankie Good-Lookin’ will not only bake and mail you two dozen delicious COWBOY COOKIES, he will also bake your newly beloved two dozen of his lovely PEANUT BUTTER & YAM BISCUITS.


RROWrrr! I like MORE! | ©2012


Just let him know of your October awesomeness and he’ll get busy in the kitchen. (*If you adopt Loretta Lynn, Hank will up your order to 3 dozen.)

Now, if you’re still wavering about opening your heart and your home to an elder canine, consider this:

Hank & Cap I | ©2012

Hank & Cap II | ©2012

Hank & Cap III | ©2012

Hank & Cap IV | ©2012


To do the useful thing, to say the courageous thing, to contemplate the beautiful thing: that is enough for one man’s life. 

~ T.S. Eliot


Hank & Cap Say: ADOPT DON’T SHOP. 

Please don’t breed or buy while shelter pets die!

ADOPT Don't Shop

Thank you.


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5 Responses to Captain’s Courageous

  1. Kathleen O'Hanlon says:

    We’re so happy for all THREE of you! Can’t wait to meet the Captain!
    Kathleen & John & Gaia

  2. Robynne Raye says:

    You are so awesome Leslie! My heart is happy, and I’m so glad I know someone as generous as you, and that Winnie and Conan have another mom I can count on, x x x

  3. Hank. says:

    Aw shucks, thanks! I know The Haggi are going to LOVE Cap! He’s just Mr. Mellow-Pants, with a smile for everyone. Sigh. Now we need to put a little fat on him so he doesn’t so much to starboard while he’s swimming…BIG HUGS to you all!

  4. foxpudding says:

    Wonderful! I am all about my dogs, and it is great to meet a kindred spirit.

  5. Hank. says:

    …Hank’s not worthy! Well, OK, he is, actually. But he loves your writing and just about lost a tooth over, “All dogs go to heaven, so if you are dead, watch where you step.” BAHHH! Such wisdom.

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