Your word for today is: PLUVIOUS (exclamation)

Cap Walks on Water | ©2012



*pluvious, adj. Of, relating to, or characterized by rain; full of or bearing rain or moisture; rainy. Blech.

The fall rains have returned. 

Which bites, to be honest. Autumn seems determined to arrive with a true splash across the Northwest though the trees have only just started their golden transformations. Our flora rarely gets the chance to splendor under clear skies (see: New England, also near large ocean) before the inevitable rain on the parade.

Crabapples | ©2012

Hank prefers his ochreous foliation dry, thank you very much, and his water on the ground already.

Labrador Blind | ©2012

But. But. There’s still plenty of sunshine left at the House of Hank, as Cap continues to delight and inspire! The Boys marked the third week of Cap’s Liberation and the 40th Anniversary of the Clean Water Act with a jaunt to the beach. What could be better?

Hank & Cap Delight | ©2012

After a lot of splashing about and the performance of Cap’s miracle, they headed over to the PI to raise a pint in hearty celebration and to reflect on the delightfulness of not only having clean water to swim in, but clean water to drink and beer.

"I'm White Trash and I'm In Trouble"   | ©2012

Which has not always been a choice. Or always easy to tell the difference, apparently.

Well, Hank & Cap sure do like clean water. It’s in short supply in much of the rest of the world and not even we by the Salish Sea have as much of it as we’d like to think, despite our flamboyant pluviousness. Take, for instance, The Monster.

The What?

Monster? The boys don’t believe in monsters—even in October—but come to think of it, they do suspect there’s something grody off the beach in West Seattle.

Have you seen it? It looks like this:


(Hank notes that the cat person who created this image didn’t include all the cat poo, which would have been a truly terrifying spectacle. Hank does his best to clean up even this abomination in his own special way.)

Fortunately, there are some Honorary Labradors who are out poking at The Monster, getting a good sniff, and seriously giving it The Eye.

Yes. Just in time for Halloween tales, a few hearty divers of Hank’s acquaintance have been facing the deep ugly and seeing what it really looks like. Turns out, urban stormwater pollution is indeed a big, scary deal and The Monster is just one of many frightful outfalls draining untreated into Puget Sound. Each time it pluviates.

Which is often.

Shiver Hank’s Timbers! Take a look at The Monster for yourself. This short time-lapse video compresses 4.5 hours and around 3000 images:


That is spooky.

It's Just a Magical NightAnd here poor Hank and Cap—still recovering from a recent viewing of Mansome. Blughhhh.


It’s a good thing they chased it with  6 Days to Air: The Making of South Park, which put them back on the road to health.

It’s just magical. Magical.

Anyhow, as handsome dudes, dutiful beach plastic collectors, and all-around good doodie-ers, the boys say, “Thanks, Honorary Labradors!” Here’s to swimming in clean water and the ability to choose between drinking it or beer when you want to.

If you’d like to learn more about the issues facing Puget Sound waters, check out this short piece from EarthFix (also featuring Honorary Labs):

(*Thanks and apologies to the OED for their lovely words.)


July 19, 1922 – October 21, 2012


“I’ve got a secret for you. Kiss my ass.”

George McGovern


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2 Responses to Your word for today is: PLUVIOUS (exclamation)

  1. Judy Patterson says:

    Dearest Hank, Would love to darken the door of the PI with you. At least you don’t have snow and there for must be pluviously happy.

    I’ll have you know that cats are so much cleaner than dogs and we even bury our effluent. Surely you must be aware of this definite distinction. See you for suds sometime hugs, Yogi


  2. Hank. says:

    …which is one reason why Hank’s teeth are so worn down. That troublesome dirt and grit coating. But Kitty Roca is so delicious. What is a fellow to do?

    Big, big hugs to Yogi! And all the Tulku Turkeys!

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