A tHanksgiving reCap

Lotus | 2012 ©HouseofHank.me

Abundant blessings at the House of Hank this year!

Hank & Cap hosted a houseful of lovely guests for the holiday, including six—yes, six—equally lovely dogs. As you may imagine, Hank had his paws full so he didn’t capture much of the rumpus itself, but he was able to snatch a few photos in the moments before the festivities began. Now, don’t spread this around, but Hank occasionally dines on pretty, pretty princess china and drinks from  frou frou crystal but (like him) most of his goods are chipped. He’s still a cowboy after all.

Tiffin | 2012 ©HouseofHank.me

McKrystal | 2012 ©HouseofHank.me

Everyone's a little damaged somewhere | 2012 ©HouseofHank.me

Time for Seconds | 2012 ©HouseofHank.me

Thanksgiving Buddha | 2012 ©HouseofHank.me

After dinner, and having fully realized Buddha belly, Hank figured a nap by the fire was just the thing for him. From there, he kept one eye open watching a rather curious Monopoly game, whereby a favorite 7-year old who had previously been performing magic tricks, magically transformed into a banker. 

Which is probably how it works on Wall Street so Hank’s kind of glad he slept that game out.

The House Always Wins | 2012 ©HouseofHank.me

And…surprise! The banker won. You’re right, small one. It does smell funny.

Luminary | 2012 ©HouseofHank.me

Speaking of such things, The Lord of Darkness Himself supped with Hank again this year!

Lucifer 2 | 2012 ©HouseofHank.me

But be not afraid. It was only Hank’s friend Lucifer, and a sweeter old devil you’ll not likely meet.

Turned into Pumpkins | 2012 ©HouseofHank.me

Completely punked after a long day of hard work and multiple lashings of turkey, the boys bade adieu, then reverted fully into their ancestral Labrador beings—couch dweller extraordinaires. After giving thanks for their many blessings they fell fast asleep.

…It was a happy Thanksgiving indeed.

Buccleuch Avon (b.1885), considered the ancest...

Buccleuch Avon (b.1885), considered the ancestor of all modern Labrador Retrievers. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



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