Cheesy Poof Night

SYC II  | ©2012

Hank & Cap have been very busy fellows lately, attending lovely events in sparkly, sparkly places, eating delicious food and catching up with friends and family. Such delight! It’s Hank’s favorite season to sneak into posh ladies lounges, collect fancy pens, and amass hilarious valet parking fees.

Hank's Dining Room

Yesterday, Hank & Cap decided to slip into more comfortable collars and take it down a notch, keep it real. Where did they head? Why, to Santa Chuck’s of course!

Santa Beer | ©2012

Ho, ho, hiccup!  Not only did they finagle a photo with the Man himself but they also got to chat with a lovely older couple going by the names of Mr. & Mrs. Claus! Hank would not have believed it, really, but they had their elves in tow so it had to be so.

Chuck & the Boys  | ©2012

Oh, and the place. The place! A dog- and baby-palooza. Dogs. Babies. Paloozing! Standing/crawling/wiggling room only. The other dogs were chill—just waiting for Santa here, folks—but some of the tots had that just-on-the-verge-of-a-baby-stampede look about them. (Above, Hank watches for party infants and Cap eyes the fidgety inflatable.)

Watch Yer Step Babies Ahead   | ©2012

Waiting in line for Santa, Cap learned the hard way that when you share the watering hole with packs of wild rugrats, you’ve really got to be careful where you step. He’ll be picking Cheesy Poofs out of his nails for weeks.

Grrrumblegrumble  | ©2012

(Hank can’t imagine a better Christmas present.)

The Whole Family! | ©2012

But in the end, the boys got their photo! The Clauses pulled out all the stops and even the elves jumped in and jingled. Such stars!

SYC  | ©2012

And because they’re classy that way, neither the Clauses nor the elves said anything about the Cheesy Poof detritus. Sweet.


Look at everything always as though you were seeing it either for the first or last time: Thus is your time on earth filled with glory.

—Betty Smith


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6 Responses to Cheesy Poof Night

  1. Hornung, John says:

    Very fun-looks like Hank is ready for the Holidays! Hope you (continue to) have a wonderful Christmas-we are off to Michigan on Saturday to see all the Smiths (and 1 Smithie-hoping to catchup with Anders). Take care, John and the gang

  2. Dana Arnim says:

    ‘Tis the season for beer and… eggnog! Come on over any time after 6:00 pm this Friday, (that’s tomorrow), and join us for a toast to the solstice, or possibly kissing our asses goodbye. Although I’d love to invite the boys too, Mr. Spike tends to misbehave when certain 4 legged visitors come into HIS yard. Hope to see you!

    (We’ll be there a long time, burning things in the backyard, so feel free to stop by later if you have other events that night.)

  3. Judy Patterson says:

    Crissy Merrimas to you all at Hanks house. Love the lights. I think the economy is recovering because the houses over here are lit up much more so than other years. My lights are contained in markie’s glass bowls and on top of Skip’s pottery. NO tree. they are nice though/ Have fun and  am sending much love j


  4. Hank. says:

    Same thing around here! At home though, the twinkling is mostly in Hank’s eyes as he ponders Swedish Almond Balls and PIE!

  5. Hank. says:

    Hank will check his Mayan Calendar and see what he’s doing that night and get back to you!

    Oh, wait. No. That’s silly.

    He’ll send his VFP in his stead to say hello and give Mr. Spike a nog on the ol’ egg and toast the solstice with you!

  6. Hank. says:

    Wahoo! Take care you all, and travel safely. (You know that Hank would drive you all to the airport through the snow again if he could. Best use of the Land Yacht ever!) Give A a squeeze for me if you get to see her and big hugs to the rest of the family! Looking forward to your annual card and the stories and photos…Hank’s a bit tardy this year and will have to send out New Years notes. XXOO and blessings!

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