2012: Knackered, Tuckered Out & Pooped

Hankie Tuckus

Oh, are Hank’s dogs barking.

Hank’s had a heck of a holiday season. The past few weeks have flown by, complete with the feather-rustling and squawks you’d expect from this joint. Hank’s played host to The Troubles, Loosie the galloping baby Bloodhound, one rare Spotted Mexican Meerkat, and Phoebe Super Dog, among others.

The Troubles | ©2012 HouseofHank.me

Pack up your Troubles in an old kit bag and…

The Troubles (TYP) | ©2012 HouseofHank.me

smile, smile, smile.

Sunset Beach | ©2012 HouseofHank.me

Add this motley crew to parties, house guests, bake sales, beach-going and general carousing and you’ve got some mighty tired dogs.

Dogpile | 2012 ©HouseofHank.me

(That’s a three Labrador, one El Diablo dogpile, folks.)

Hank’s looking forward to a little light reading, a little light snacking, and maybe a little light watching in the New Year. Perhaps The Three Amigos for the thousandth time? Perhaps a little Ishtar? Perhaps a search for a 2013 Mayan Calendar?

We're Alive Eat Here  | ©2012 HouseofHank.me


Mr. Love  | ©2012 HouseofHank.me

One thing is for sure, and this is it: Hank hopes that each and every one of you has a blessed, jolly, and abundantly healthy year to come.

Welcome 2013!

What Hank’s humming this week:

Arizona moon keep shining
From the desert sky above
You know pretty soon
That big yellow moon
Will light the way back to the one you love

Blue shadows on the trail
Little cowboy, close your eyes and dream
All of the doggies are in the corral
All of your work is done
Just close your eyes and dream little pal
Dream of someone

(Bum bum BUM bum bum bum BUM bum…)

Blue shadows on the trail
Soft wind blowing through the trees above
All the other little cowboys
Back in the bunkhouse now, so
Close your eyes and dream

—Randy Newman


About Hank.

Raconteur | Dog About Town https://houseofhank.me/
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