You really need more sun  | ©2012 HouseofHank.me

Well, hello everyone!

Hank’s been a little quiet in this chilly new year, catching up on sleep and trying not to look too much like a Seattleite in winter (see above). You know, just kicking around, chewing on rocks and the occasional barnacle. (So salty!)

Beach Rock | ©2012 HouseofHank.me

For those of you who don’t live on the rainforest coast of Cascadia, living here is rather like living underwater: it’s all grey until you turn on a light. That’s when those formerly blurry bits glow purple and pink and green and orange and yellow in a hurry, and the life around you transforms into downright glitz. But that’s only with lumens. Until then, it’s just one damp visual.

Following is Hank’s January thus far:

Pacific Wonderland  | ©2012 HouseofHank.me

Meditation on Coal  | ©2012 HouseofHank.me

IMG_0259 _Snapseed

Drift  | ©2012 HouseofHank.me

Old Net Old Door  | ©2012 HouseofHank.me

Buoy | ©2012 HouseofHank.me

Hmmm  | ©2012 HouseofHank.me


Any confusion you experience has within it the essence of wisdom automatically. So as soon as you detect confusion, it is the beginning of some kind of message. At least you are able to see your confusion, which is very hard. Ordinarily people do not see their confusion at all, so by recognizing your confusion, you are already at quite an advanced level. So you shouldn’t feel bad about that; you should feel good about it.

Chögyam Trungpa  ཆོས་ཀྱི་རྒྱ་མཚོ་


About Hank.

Raconteur | Dog About Town https://houseofhank.me/
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4 Responses to Januaryish

  1. Ella says:

    Lovely photos.

    Happy New Year Hank! and Woof (from Ella)

  2. Hank. says:

    Happy New Year to you too, lovely pals! Hope to catch up with you soon? Hank could even drive to your neck of the woods, clever dog that he is. Keep him posted!

  3. Kathleen O'Hanlon says:

    Hank has quite the eye for composition and beauty! Wish I could teach Gaia to press the shutter release WHILE keeping the shot framed. Does Hank give lessons?

  4. Hank. says:

    Well, he certainly could do so–though he wonders if Gaia has time to multitask while looking so beautiful and stylish all the time in addition to her post-doc studies in interstitial time. It can be hard when one is so gorgeous and brilliant, n’est-ce pas? Hank is getting so handsome he’s having a tough go of it: Look stunning, eat garbage, write, bark at his own flatulence (merci!), make photographs. Anyway, one thing she should be aware of is that in this chilly weather, she should *not* lick her iPhone. He’ll have more tips as soon as it thaws around here!

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