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Well, Hank’ll be gosh darned.

The heck you say! He’s apparently been sort of using an artistic technique all these years. Go figure.

Being a dog and whatnot, he tends to see things from a heads-on perspective, a looking-up-and-down perspective, a what-is-this potential meal that I am eyeing? perspective. Hank is an astute observer of the long, good sniff & poke-it variety.

Well, yes. And like many other interesting things, this little concept has a nifty Tibetan term which describes it, called Miksang.  Miksang translates as ‘Good Eye’, and is based on the teachings of the late meditation master | artist | scholar Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche. As noted on the Miksang Institute for Contemplative Photography website:

‘Good’ here doesn’t mean good as we usually use the word, as in good or bad…[it] means that our mind is uncluttered by preoccupation, relaxed and open…When steady mind, clear vision and soft heart come together in one single moment, ‘Good Eye’ manifests.”

Miksang Text | Miksang Institute for Contemplative PhotographyWell now, isn’t that just Hank in a nutshell? Of course, when Hank spies something, he first runs it through the “is it delicious?” filter (and then he runs it though the delicious filter one or two more times just to be sure). But after that what he sees is beautiful. Being a dog, Hank has a knack for being completely present in the moment and sees the world as it is: a “magical display of vivid perception”.  And/or edible.

Miksang, like Hank, is interested in the truth of pure perception. He makes nothing up—”nothing added, nothing missing”—even when it involves stolen sandwiches. Straight shooting. No guilt. That’s Hank.

On that note, let’s see a few of the things he hasn’t eaten lately:

Water tank | 2012 ©HouseofHank.me

Rusty  | ©2012 HouseofHank.me


Clay | 2012 ©HouseofHank.me

Yep. This basically boils down to concrete, metal, and a cool stick that someone snatched from him. Everything else has been dinner.


Enlightenment is like witnessing the brilliant sun for the first time in the morning. It is like seeing the beautiful flowers that grow in the wood, the frolicking deer, a bird flying proudly, or fish swimming. Life is not all that grim. In the morning you brush your teeth, you can see how shiny they are. Reality has its own gallantry, spark, and arrogance. You can study life while you are alive. You can study how you can achieve the brilliance of life.

— Chögyam Trungpa


About Hank.

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