Sounds Good

Sea & Stone | ©2013

Anenome | ©2013

Heh Heh | ©2013

Madrone | ©2013

Anenome | ©2013

Kelp Feet | ©2013

Cap & Hank | ©2013


Be obscure clearly.

—E.B. White


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4 Responses to Sounds Good

  1. The old ladies says:

    Thanks for the nature get away. Feeling a little coooooooped up. Send Hank to Mt Rainier. My favorite wish list to do

  2. Hank. says:

    You’re welcome dears! Cap could come by and let you smell his crabby-barnacle breath if you’d like the full, festive seashore experience, but yes, it is probably best for Hank to whisk off to Rainier and come back fir and cedar-scented instead. We’ll work on that!

  3. foxpudding says:

    I miss the Pacific soooo much. Always refreshing to visit with you.

  4. Hank. says:

    Hank could always chuck some barnacles in a box and send them to you if things get really bad*. (Or you could go the eco-route and he could send along a nice sampling of mucky plastics he’s retrieved from the depths.) Yeah, the Pacific is pretty great. Oh sure, the Atlantic is atmospheric, the Indian rather sharky, the Southern pretty terrifying, and the seas of the Mediterranean and Caribbean oh-so-blue, but dang if can give up the trusty Pacific.

    *He really wishes his blog had a scratch-n-sniff function, but a box of barnacle shells might do the trick in a pinch.

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