Et tu, Bronchi?

Et tu, Bronchi? | ©2013

March. Blech.

Well, at least that’s over. Even for a notoriously dreary and dreadful month, March was particularly dismal here at the House of Hank, as an epic plague descended upon Hank’s lands. He considered naming this post What Hank Sharts but thought better of it.

Blech. | ©2013

Double Blech!

Although Hank has been fit, his minions have decidedly not been so. Hank hopes April May will prove better in every possible way because healthy minions without tuberculosis make his life much, much sunnier.

Cap Bundles Up | ©2013

Cap bundles up.

So what have The Boys been up to in spite of the various plagues upon this house?

Hank went down to our State Capital of Olympia for Humane Lobby Day 2013 to ask his electeds to support pending humane legislation and fund and implement the Wolf Conservation and Management Plan already. Arrooo! While there, he saw some things:

Horse Puckey | ©2013

BWAHhahaha | ©2013

Yes. This spooky.

On a brighter note, he also managed to go all downward dog and completed 28 straight days of yoga without loss of life or limb. Woof!

Samadhi | ©2013

Hank and Cap headed to Sakya Monastery for a little Losar celebration—the Year of the Water Snake—though times continue tough in the Land of Snows.

Sakya Losar 2013 | ©2013

Keiki | ©2013

The wee kids made sure that Hank and Cap were showered in tsampa, which was nice.

Then the boys hopped the lake to the Mercer Island VFW and joined the local Northwest Sherpa Society Losar celebration. Here they devoured some phenomenally good grub and butter tea.

Losar 2013 Mercer Island | ©2013

Losar 2013 NWSA | ©2013

…Hank & Cap are kind of wild about butter tea. And chang! Oh. Chang.

Speaking of spirits, wouldn’t you know that the party was right across the street from one of Hank’s favorite spots? Yes, the Roanoke Inn.

So auspicious.

The Venerable Roanoke | ©2013

In other news, Hank hosted Phoebe Super Dog for a spell…

Phoebe Super Dog | ©2013

Wheee! And her small, nefarious henchman, El Diablo

El Diablo | ©2013

El Diablo in Action | ©2013


Hank even slipped into his slimming seal costume and ventured to the wilds of West Seattle for a SealSitters event, where he saw one very smart baby seal…

World's Smartest Seal Pup | ©2013

and met one very adorable one.

Got Cute? | ©2013

Hank’s looking forward to putting in some time with our harbor seal pups who need a time out, much as he did with endangered Hawaiian monk seals back in the day. He’ll stay incognito, of course—seals find him fresh and fancy in the water but not so much on sand.

That’s it for now, but Hank still has a lot of things to tell you. Stay tuned, friends!


Chagdud Gonpa Foundation

The Water Snake represents a direct and straightforward, but also flexible, life attitude.

— Chagdud Gonpa Foundation


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4 Responses to Et tu, Bronchi?

  1. joncrispin says:

    Pearl and I have really missed Hank and his minions. Welcome back.

  2. Jo Woolf says:

    Hank, I really hope your minions are feeling better. That sounds like a horrible time for them. Sounds like you have been keeping them active, though! Love the photos. Best wishes to all!

  3. Hank. says:

    Hey, thanks!
    It’s been dismal in this swamp but it’s been great keeping up with your travels and photos–great work at the Exploratorium! Please give The Pearl Hank’s best and keep in touch!

  4. Hank. says:

    Thank you! It’s been lovely keeping abreast of the doings on your side of the world…We’d love to be back in Scotland for September some day soon! Until then, your postings hit the spot. Take care and happy spring!

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