Off to the Vet: Go, Dogs, Go!

Hank & Cap at the Vet | ©2013

Truth be told, Hank loves going to the vet. Loves it. Why, Hank, why? Why do you love the vet when many do not?

Biscuits, of course. Biscuits. Biscuits. Biscuits! All those delightful biscuits!

Here’s Hank’s old vet-visit schtick:

BMOC | ©2013

First, he salutes one very popular Seattle fire hydrant…Good day, Mr. Kennedy!

O! | ©2013

Then he barges inside with a hearty BARK! and heads straight for the scale, where he confirms that he is a solid gold dog. Another BARK! brings him his first biscuit, then he peruses the reading material…

YIKES | ©2013

which can sometimes be chilling.

Do a Little Dance | ©2013

Cap, meanwhile, flops down and reviews flea prevention materials. And occasionally does a little dance. Whee!

What the What? | ©2013

Sometimes, someone brings in a squirrelly-ferrety-possum-type creature—WHAAA?—or yowling cat. Which throws the boys off. But barring such weirdness, life’s good. Cap’s face will go back to normal.

Hank’s then called in to see the doctor, whereupon he finds himself in “The Wonderful World of Cats”.

Indeed | ©2013

Hank does not want to be in the Wonderful World of Cats. Not at all. But he does not waver. No. Hank’s mantra remains: Focus on drawer. Check pockets. Nose the drawer. Check pockets. Do not for the love of all that is holy look at those cats.

Hank’s kindly Herriot arrives, who fiddles around a bit and quickly reconfirms what a good-looking fellow Hank is. (And now, Cap.) Both get more biscuits. Magic!

This time around, Hank verifies something he has long suspected: He shares a vet with these characters:

Le Chat Henri il est un Viking

L' Idiot il est un Cowboy

Mon Dieu!

But he will speak no more of it. He does not know if he also shares a doctor with these two:


Clean bills of health in paw, Hank and Cap head for the door and stop by the biscuit jar one last time while the minion pays up. It’s then another quick hello goodbye to Mr. Kennedy and off to the next treat.

Cap will have no idea of what just happened and Hank will be counting the days until his next fecal flotation.

Go dogs, go!


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5 Responses to Off to the Vet: Go, Dogs, Go!

  1. Lillian says:

    Good Morning, Hope Hank and his household is in good health.
    Remember to Google search for: Nebelung cat named Sapphire. This cat looks just like Early Grey, the cat-dog.
    Keep well!
    The Staff at Earl Grey’s

  2. Jo Woolf says:

    Hank, you are a real trooper! I admire your single-mindedness and strength of focus. And Cap’s of course, too – whose expression in the 6th pic is just priceless. And yes, you’re right to stay away from cats. You don’t want to know what Purdey does to goad the next-door terrier under the fence! 🙂

  3. Hank. says:

    Hank’s not so into searching for cats anywhere, but for you–anything.
    Some of those Nebelung photos show an uncanny resemblance to our Earl! The only thing that EG lacks is the longness in body, which he of course makes up for in width. Such a great beast and a true gentleman. Hank’s Seal of Approval.

  4. Hank. says:

    Thank you! Considering the terrible fusspottering the visiting Haggis Twins are now unleashing on our neighborhood cats, I suppose the balance must be struck somewhere–even if has to be done by Purdey in Scotland!

  5. Jo Woolf says:

    Purdey is adjusting the balance right now!

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