Greenwood Car Show 2013

Lartigue from Retronaut

Wheeeee! It’s back. Hank’s best critter-watching day of the year. The day he strolls along Greenwood Avenue delightedly sampling the pavement smörgåsbord and spocking large men and their small dogs.

Big Guys Small Guys | ©2013

Small Wee Dog | ©2013

…It’s the 21st Annual Greenwood Car Show!

GWCS 2012 | ©2013

Today’s event—which raises a heck of a lot of money for local charities and non-profits—is the largest single-day car show in Washington and one hoot of a way to spend a Saturday. You’ll see everyone you know, and even more folks you don’t.  You will eat something you did not expect to eat. And you will be surprised to find one horseless carriage that demands your attention, even for just a moment; one automobile that you had no idea you needed to own, even for just a weekend. It doesn’t matter if you detest cars. There will be one that sticks with you, that you will think about tootling around in someday, and waving. Rather like Mr. Toad.

It might be a particularly bitchin’ Camaro:

Bitchin Camaro | ©2013

It might be a Shelby Cobra:

The Lady's Car | ©2013

It might be rather silly:

BMW Isetta 300 | ©2013

Hopefully, it will not be this:

WTF | ©2013

Under any circumstances.

Nevertheless. There will be one car that will make you stop and ponder. Guaranteed. For Hank it was this:

Hank's Mystery Truck | ©2013

…of which he will write about later (in breathless detail over his Mr. Toad-like adventures aboard this historic conveyance!)

Hot Dogs | ©2013

Hank has learned a few other things from his years perambulating the Greenwood Car Show. These tidbits are as follows:

1)  Rednecks come in all shapes and sizes, sexes and ages, nations, colors and creeds happily united by the automobile;

Okey Dokey | ©2013

Shelby Cobra Fans | ©2013

Pink Power | ©2013

Ah, Greenwood | ©2013

oooh ahhh | ©2013

2)  You can fry just about anything and sell it to a crowd;

You Want Fries With That? | ©2013


3)  Folks who are serious about their car-show cars are also serious about their seriously small car-show dogs;

Hola?? | ©2013

Aw, hello | ©2013

Twins | ©2013

4)  No one can hold on to more than 70% their curly fries/elephant ears/kettle korn/etc. at any one time;

You Gonna Finish That?| ©2013

and,  5)  Hank delights in each of these truisms.

Life is Good Here | ©2013

Also.  Dogs and their people go together.

Triplets | ©2013

Hi there! | ©2013

Twins | ©2013

Twins 2 | ©2013

Hola? | ©2013

Awwwww...| ©2013

Cutie P | ©2013

See y’all up on Greenwood!


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7 Responses to Greenwood Car Show 2013

  1. Dana Arnim says:

    Great post! Spike and I caught the show on the early side.

  2. Jo Woolf says:

    That is a lot of cars and a lot of dogs!! I like the boot-car! I would seriously like to drive that!! 🙂 Sounds like Hank had a great time!

  3. Hank. says:

    Wasn’t it great? Hank’s Very Favorite People spent a few hours walking up and down Greenwood feeling skinny and good-looking. We ended up at 90th just after 4pm and watched muscle cars peel out…back to Arkansas or Lynnwood or wherever. So very Dukes of Hazzard, and a total riot!

  4. Hank. says:

    Hank’s photos from this year are pretty fun, too. Wait until you see the his n’ hers De Sotos: this years’ favorite!

  5. Catherine B says:

    Whoowee! I can’t believe I missed my favorite neighborhood hootenanny,
    the Greenwood Car Show! Your report was the next best thing to being there.
    Loved the Big Man / Tiny Dog photos. What is that about anyway?!?
    Hope to catch you kids at the show next year!

  6. Hank. says:

    Just wait for this year’s photos, my darlin! I’m not sure if epic is the right word, but something close to that. Big hugs to you from Hank!!

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