Kalaidokoi | ©2013 HouseofHank.me

This week, Hank visited some favorite fish and met a few new friends:

Hankoi | ©2013 HouseofHank.me

Oh, hey Hank.

Why, Hello There | ©2013 HouseofHank.me

Nice to see ya.

Gimme Little Kiss | ©2013 HouseofHank.me

Gimme little kiss.

Hank & New Buddy | ©2013 HouseofHank.me

Of course, koi are just a few of the critters who find Hank irresistible.

Hank in Sunshine & Flowers


Koi Dream | ©2013 HouseofHank.me


Out of water, I am nothing.
Duke Kahanamoku


About Hank.

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8 Responses to Hankoi

  1. joncrispin says:

    Hank, the Pearl is a bit jealous. She has never met any fish. But she is on the mend from her surgery and sends her regards from the Valley.

  2. Wonderful koi shots! Really nice. Thanks for sharing your work.
    —Elise and Ranger the Corgi

  3. Judy Patterson says:

    Love it!!!!!! l


  4. Hank. says:

    Well, thank you! Hank is something of a koi-whisperer, among his other talents.

  5. Hank. says:

    Thanks, ma’am! I think the koi are in love with him. Sort of like the harbor seals who spot the surfing blonde canine and think, hubba hubba hubba…nice gams!

  6. Hank. says:

    Glad to hear the Pearl is getting better! Boy, surgery is no fun…Hank sends his best and I’d imagine so do those dog-lovin’ koi. Watermen/women stick together!

  7. Jo Woolf says:

    Hank, that fish looks big enough to swallow you! Terrific photo, but it could well have been your last ever! Glad to see you chilling in the shade (well partly in the shade – or is it Japanese flower meditation?) Love the first image, by the way – really creative.

  8. Hank. says:

    Thank you, Jo! Yes, those koi are HUGE (some are at least 30 years old, I believe) and they are particularly keen on Hank. Awwww.

    Hank believes in the adage that the best camera for the shot is the one you have with you at the time–and in his case it’s always a battered and salty iPhone 3G. Still tough for a dog to finagle, but not as complicated as a grown-up camera!

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