Autumn Ablaze

Maple Sky | ©2013

We had a week or two of autumn here in the Pacific Northwest—the rains and wind started late, and we saw a bit of fall color before it blew apart and turned to mush. We’re no New England (New England was a friend of mine, and you sir are no New England) but it was lovely nevertheless.

Since the November rains blew in, Hank & Co. have been down the proverbial rabbit-hole. What started out as a project to scan and share family photos has turned into an “Oh? I have cereal and ketchup in my hair? Again?” sort of time-altered otherworld. Fortunately, Hank’s been helping The Thumbs keep things light by scanning his jowls on a regular basis, so there’s that.

Also: Halloween. Cap went trick-or-treating dressed as the neighbor cat:

Cap as Dexter | ©2013

Hank went trick-or-treating dressed as Cap:

Hank as Cap | ©2013

…great fun was had by all.

Speaking of tricks, Hank’s been finding fascinating names in the dusty, dusty recesses of the family atticsHepzibah, Mehitabel, Keziah, Hester, Philena, and (yahoo!) one or two called Dorcas. “Dorcas” is always a favorite. To this Hank needs to add, Freedom. Or “Freedy” as she was known on the street. Back in the day. These are the names of the girlsthe dudes include Experience, Jabez, Libbeus, Silas, any number of Ezras, and more than a few Ichabods and Ebenezers. Whew.

Hank’s glad he’s not living with any Prudences, Temperances, or Modestys whatever the gender, and he’s extra thankful to be a Labrador. No real zealots of any stripe, just some food thieves, gastronomes and really good swimmers. This is how he sees it:

The Thumbs’ Family

Family Tree EEEEEEE | ©2013

Hank’s Family

Baby Beer at Chuck's | ©2013

Right on, Hank! You and Chuck know da kine. (Now just get that baby out of the beer and we’ll pull up a chair.)

Friends, big hugs to you all and know that despite his busyness, Hank is thankful and grateful for you every day. Keep well and safe during the holidays and he’ll be sharing some lovely jowl scans soon. Gobble Gobble!


But friendship is precious, not only in the shade, but in the sunshine of life, and thanks to a benevolent arrangement the greater part of life is sunshine.
Thomas Jefferson


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5 Responses to Autumn Ablaze

  1. Jo Woolf says:

    Hank, you certainly have some very colourful characters in your family! Wow, those names are fantastic. I haven’t even heard of Ichabod or Mehitabel. And Freedom’s Mum must have had fun when she was shouting for her at tea-time! Love your photos. Take care yourself, don’t eat too much pumpkin pie!

  2. Hank. says:

    Is Hank counting the days to Pumpkin Pie? OH YES! The clock is winding down…

    Those wild names are very, very Puritan New England – and of course, English – many from the Old Testament. You’ve likely never heard of them because Hank guesses that all the Mehitabels and Ichabods and Wrestlings left – all looking for a new place to be stern. Heh. “Verity” is a great Puritan name, so obviously some of those must have stayed behind! Here’s an interesting book on the Puritan names:

    Freedom was born in 1777, so you know what that was about!

  3. Jo Woolf says:

    You’re right, Hank – Verity does indeed have a Puritan name! She is lucky we didn’t call her Patience or Prudence (I often used to tell her that!) The book link looks amazing – I will delve into that cauldron of virtues tomorrow! Goodnight for now!

  4. judy patterson says:

    Wow Hank, You be havin’ some kind of fun. So good to hear from you.

  5. Hank. says:

    Hank’s having fun alright. Possibly at The Thumbs’ expense!

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