Cap, Interrupted II

Cap, Interrupted II| ©2014

Cap, Interrupted II| ©2014

Cozy Sunday Cap| ©2014

Hope your Sunday is just as cozy.


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10 Responses to Cap, Interrupted II

  1. Christine Haskell says:

    They have it so good!!!

  2. Hank. says:

    Tell me about it. I get the floor – always. It’s important that the DOGS are comfortable. That’s the main thing.

  3. Lillian says:

    How cute! I miss my sleeping buddy, Earl Grey (he liked his name).

  4. yogi patterson says:

    Hey Hank – the coyotes are howling here – come on over!! love Yogi

  5. Jo Woolf says:

    Cutest baby! 🙂 “What’s that you say? My tongue is what? Poking out? Never is!”

  6. joncrispin says:

    Hank, Our yellow lab, Mavis, used to do the same thing with her tongue. So nice to see the boys looking so comfy. Jon

  7. Hank. says:

    Nothing is better to two yellow labs than a sheepskin rug, a fire, and minions (to attend to any itch that needs to be scratched/etc.) Luckily, Hank and Cap have all of those things and life is, as they say, good.

    As a minion, I must say that it is almost impossible not to “interrupt” Cap with bear hugs when he’s completely asleep and his tongue sticks out like that. He’s just too adorable. I suppose it might also be a little payback – a little instant karma – for those delightful 5:30 am breakfast wake-up calls he’s so fond of.

    Cap: 1, Minions: 1. Balance in the Universe!

  8. Hank. says:

    Cap also steadfastly refuses to believe he snores. Which he does. His snoring is equally cute. Some dogs get all the luck!

  9. Hank. says:

    Arrooo! Sure as shootin’, we’re headed east in the spring! Keep `em noisy until then, Yogi.

  10. Hank. says:

    Ach, these animules. They lodge in our hearts and never leave – we miss Earl Grey every day. Such a cat among dogs!

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