Saka Dawga

Saka Dawa 2014 | ©2014

Nice peonies, boys!

A very happy June to you from your peony-laden, rose-scented June bugs, Hank & Cap!  The Boys invite you to breathe deeply with them as they contemplate the auspicious month ahead in their garden:

peonies | ©2014

lady's mantle | ©2014

Saka Dawa 2014 II  | ©2014

wall fountain & akebia | ©2014

a bit of chaos | ©2014


buttons | ©2014

lilies & allium| ©2014

Cap enjoys the roses, too | ©2014

I get a little lost out here, sometimes

strawberry blossom | ©2014

life smells good | ©2014



Now is everything. Whatever you do in this very moment is everything: it’s the past, it’s the future, it’s now.
Chögyam Trungpa


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8 Responses to Saka Dawga

  1. judy patterson says:

    n come any time she has time – there is plenty to do. Ahhh Hank you live in a paradise. Tell your Mom that she can come anytime that she has time. There is plenty to do. Will be full tilt boogie packing in the next few weeks. Need to leave this paradise before the 26th. last week before that will be cleaning. Now packing and sorting and giving. Happy Saga Dawa to you too. Remember that all of your virtues will be multiplied greatly espeically on the 12th. Blessings, Yogi’s mom

  2. Hank. says:

    Okey dokey cowpokey! Headed YOUR WAY soon if all goes as planned. Whoopee! (Don’t tell Hank, though–he just hates missing car trips.)

  3. N says:

    Did the usps deliver Honolulu advertiser goodness to you from us?

  4. Hank. says:

    YEs!! Apologies for this late thank you!! It’s amazing how far the Polynesian Voyaging Society/Hokule’a and sister boats have come since our Hana buttah dayz…Girl navigators and everything, eh? Big time stuffs. Thanks so much for sending that bit of aloha my way…you guyz da best evah!

  5. Jo Woolf says:

    I’m already feeling much more chilled, after seeing these lovely photos. Thanks, Hank and Cap!

  6. Hank. says:

    Well, yahoo! That’s Hank’s aim and he tries to aim true! Cap, well, he just mostly tries.

  7. dandyknife says:

    Oh, sure, Gautama can look all serene in that gorgeous garden (is it yours???), but can he answer me why it is that the sun rises on our side of the continent first, but takes six extra weeks for our peonies to bloom?

  8. Hank. says:

    Gautama serenely answers all questions and none. Isn’t that just the way of that fellow?!

    Hank hears you on the peony thing, for sure! The best of the NW garden blooms and he waits and waits and waits so long for them…Sigh. He suspects a squirrel plot. His minion suspects our cold spring weather. Who can say?

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