Greenwood Car Show 2014

 Hey, Buddy | ©2014

Hey, Bud.

It’s almost here! Our neighborhood’s heralded Greenwood Car Show this Saturday from 8am — 4pm. Each year, as Hank cruises the mile-and-a-half hootenanny along Greenwood Avenue, he rejoices in the civic good this event supports across our community, and the great dog and people-watching to be had.

Shakka, Brah | ©2014

He’s also reminded of the following truisms:

1)   Everyone has a little inner redneck, no matter your shape or size, gender or genders, nation, color, or creed. The automobile brings out the redneck as sure as Hank exposes flaws in your dinner plans;

2)  You can fry just about anything and sell it to a crowd;

Elephant Ears | ©2014

3)  Folks who are serious about their cars are serious about their tiny dogs;

4)  No one can hold on to more than 70% of their BBQ/kettle korn/elephant ears/curly fries/ice cream and walk at the same time;

5)  Hank delights in all these things.

Happy Guy | ©2014

Hank. Delighting.

…Hope to see you up on the Ridge this Saturday! Hank & Cap are sure looking forward to meeting your BBQ.

Message for you | ©2014

I’ve got a message for you about the redneck crack. And these dogs are not tiny.


It is the month of June/The month of leaves and roses/When pleasant sights salute the eyes/And pleasant scents the noses.
Nathaniel Parker Willis


About Hank.

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6 Responses to Greenwood Car Show 2014

  1. Jo Woolf says:

    Great stuff, Hank! I bet you wish this was a weekly event. You’d love the Game Fair that we’re about to go to – plenty of dogs to check out, from all walks of life, loads of fried/sugary treats – there’s even an arena with terrier racing and sometimes they have sheepdogs that herd ducks (you would SO love it!)

  2. Hank. says:

    Duck herding? DUCK HERDING?! Where’s Hank’s suitcase? He’s headed your way!

  3. Judy Patterson says:

    Hey hank – loved your romp. Hope your Mom had fun also. /she would approve entirely of the new digs – the really TALL trees, the smell of the woods , the little quail chicks, the hawks nest, the big basalt “tormas” near the ice caves which are crying out for crystals to be put on top of them, the sun shining up the little spokane river valley tuerning the trees golden at sunset etc etc. Really lucked out, i did. Yogi being very patient with his incarceration. One week today. He wants out but knows he can’t yet so is sleeping a lot. speaking of that – it is zzzzzzzz time for me too – napping a lot to catch up. g’d afternoon!! love j

  4. Hank. says:

    BIG XXOOs to you both!! Miss you and glad to hear all is going well and you’re catching up on shut-eye. Got to tell you about our wonderful adventures at the old M ranch & environs…like our little northside was way back when…so beautiful and still the country! Hug hug `til then.
    Hank & Co.

  5. dandyknife says:

    Hank looks fabulous in blue!

    Missed the point in the final photograph at first. Subtle.

  6. Hank. says:

    Ha! Hank thought that sighting of the New York state bird was hilarious, even if unintentional. Hank’s all about subtle. Well, except in matters of food and his personal hygiene.

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