Greenwood Car Show in Photos & Song

BUTTS| ©2014

At the end of the day it comes down to this

What Goes Around| ©2014

what goes around

Comes Around | ©2014

comes around

So many behinds| ©2014

there are many behinds

So little time| ©2014

and so little time

Soul food | ©2014

what’s worth having

Serious BBQ | ©2014

is worth waiting for

Waiting for BBQ| ©2014

and good things

Orange you glad I'm here for seconds?| ©2014

come to those who wait

Waiting for BBQ2 | ©2014


I'm not sure if you're understanding me here| ©2014

most of the time

Lemonade Stand | ©2014

so have a sip of sunshine

Cap's Sssssignature | ©2014

and take a load off

Dog Tired | ©2014

close your eyes now

Dog Tired Too | ©2014

and rest your tired dogs

Dog Tired Two| ©2014

oh those tired dogs

Schnitzel | ©2014

because tomorrow

Don't get any funny ideas | ©2014

yes, tomorrow

Mind if I sniff? | ©2014

is smelling good already!


About Hank.

Raconteur | Dog About Town
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2 Responses to Greenwood Car Show in Photos & Song

  1. dandyknife says:

    Such happy dogs. Such lovely poetry. Are you planning on starting a company — Hankmark Cards or something to that effect?

    PS What’s the big metal dachshund-shaped thingamabob in the seventh photo?

  2. Hank. says:

    Oh! That’s a gigantic BBQ smoker thingy on wheels! It looks like some sort of DIY refashion of a Nike missile or Boeing something-or-other (this is WA state after all) but it very well could be a DIY refashion of a gigantic dachshund sculpture (this is WA state after all). The BBQ/soul food emanating from that rig looked and smelled absolutely phenomenal, and the lines in front of the booth tended to reinforce that notion.

    If you’re a meat eater, that is. Which unfortunately for Hank and Cap that day, the one holding their spending money was not. Poor babies! Their only balm was poetry and song.

    “Hankmark Cards”! We like it!!

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