Back at the Ranch

Original A. family cabin| ©2014

Such adventures!

Hank & Cap have been tootling eastwards lately, meandering through semi-ghostly small towns and sunny fields in secret valleys and piney hills…homeward bound towards family and memories.

Ponderosa | ©2014

Cap looks for Deere| ©2014

Hank ponders old towns | ©2014

Come along with the Boys as they wagon through this beautiful country:

Blaze | ©2014

By | ©2014

Field & Sky| ©2014

City Hall | ©2014

Fountain Pop | ©2014

Confluence | ©2014

Caterpillar | ©2014

Good sign | ©2014

The crookedy tree tells us we’re almost at our destination!

The just a little further tree | ©2014

This lovely valley nestled in the berried hills has always been an interesting place.

Why, hello | ©2014

Coexisting with guns & coffee| ©2014

Golden Jubilee 1939| ©2014

Through the windshield | ©2014

Did you know that Hank’s favorite travel strategy is to immediately eat something gross on arrival? Which he barfs up all night and into the next?

As well committing other terrible atrocities we will not speak of?

After Hank's Big Night | ©2014


Ready for bed! | ©2014

Yes. Which means that Cap gets the pillows all to himself. Being a little slow to the party is his favorite strategy.

Three Bairns | ©2014

Speaking of parties, the boys love meeting new friends in old haunts…

Bob | ©2014

Oh, hey there Bob.

Lovely girl | ©2014

How’s it going, beautiful?

Happy | ©2014

…and Cap enjoys the green, green acres. Anyone seen my buffalo chaps?

TA in chaps | ©2014

The boys think this is one heck of a spot and can’t wait to get back.

back to the ranch| ©2014

Sunset | ©2014

Pioneer Ground Solstice | ©2014

Such good people, such good memories. Stay tuned for more H & Co. adventures east of the mountains!

The true nature of mountains is that they are mountains. They practice both stillness holding their place and moving with change. Men and women can be reborn through mountains. Ancestors abide in mountains. And mountains disappear the closer you are to them…Realizing fully the true nature of place is to talk its language and hold its silence.
Joan Halifax


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6 Responses to Back at the Ranch

  1. Lillian says:

    Great photos. I almost felt like I was there. Thanks for sharing

  2. dandyknife says:

    Warm. Dry. Looks pretty inviting this morning.

    Funny how chaps were invented before chainsaws.

    Love the photo of the the wee Highlanders! Front, back, and three-quarter profiles on a fresh green background.

  3. Hank. says:

    A pretty perfect climate, outside of Baja, we think! Hot and dry in the summertime, crisp and clear in the winter. Sigh. And yes, aren’t those three something else? You’d not necessarily think of Scotties as ranch dogs but boy are they ever…tenacious and ready for anything! Sending warm and dry thoughts your way.

  4. Hank. says:

    Heck yeah. BTW, we have something for you from Malta!

  5. Dana Arnim says:

    So where is this lovely place?

  6. Hank. says:

    Secret Squirrel will tell you when we see you next! Heh heh.

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