A project funded by dogs, for dogs? How delightful. It’s about time Hank used his own credit card, anyway.

Unleashed logo

Hey there, lovelies! One of Hank’s favorite folks is launching a business venture here in Seattle that Hank would have loved to participate in when he was a young pup, all wet behind the ears and breakneck wonderful. Nowadays, he’ll just have to be on the wagon. Er. On the slow boat. Hmm. On board. You know, like that.

Iron Horse Trail ©Unleashed Canine Club 2015

Oh yeah. We got one of these here.

Iron Horse Trail Power Run ©Unleashed Canine Club 2015

Get. Out. Of. Town.

Sporting and working breeds need more energy outlets here in the Emerald City, and Hank knows from experience that a tired dog equals a happy dog. (Shout out to all you socks, slippers, balls, pinecones, 30-lb bags of grub, and each and every one of you stuffed squeaky toys. Sorry about that.) Mel is one of Hank’s favorite biscuit-deliverers, rock hounds, and all-around great big hearts.  He can’t imagine running with a better pack or swimming with better fish, so if this project floats your dog’s boat please consider sending Mel & the Gang $1 in your pup’s name…or all their names.

Big tHANKS for helping get a great business off and running! Arrooo!

Oh. Yes, Please.

Oh. Oh, yes, please.




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1 Response to Unleashed!

  1. Judy Patterson says:

    Where is that first photo – the path on the cliff???  Sounds like a great project. XO  j

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