Living Simply & Living Well

Hank’s mission in life is to have fun, do good, have fun, and make the most of the world around him.*

He loves growing vegetables, supporting local businesses, frequenting farmer’s markets, stealing Mr. McGregor’s heirloom tomatoes, and finding rusty bits marked “free” on the corner.  Hank also ♥s Brussels sprouts, huckleberries, clematis, and Ciscoe.

Below you’ll find links to Hank’s favorite resources for gardening, bee wrangling, community groups, and chickens.

But first, if you haven’t yet seen them, take a look at two great shorts: “The Story of Stuff”, a great introduction to understanding the markets and ideas behind our collective fascination for stuff; and “The Future of Food”, on how we came to have the agricultural system that we do.

(By the way, “The Future of Food” is available to watch free, in its entirety, on the documentary website: .)

The Story of Stuff________________________________________

Neighborhood Farmer's Market Alliance

*He’d like to give up kitty roca and chasing squirrels, but he knows that healthy balance is important for a dog. It has nothing to do with the fact that the squirrels don’t take him seriously. (Also, kitty roca is delicious and a form of recycling.) Hank knows that perfection isn’t possible in this life and, well, it’s rather tedious so he does the best he can making the most of what he’s got. You should just see his tinfoil and rubber band collection.