The Girl Effect

2009©HouseofHank.wordpress.comHank knows that when we make our world better for girls + women we make the world better for all of us.

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When girls’ lives are limited, everyone loses.

Families, communities and entire economies are all stunted when half their human potential is squandered. Evidence shows that bolstering girls’ health, education and prosperity will build prospects for her family and her country’s economic prosperity. Tap her potential and the world benefits:

• Ensure she has seven or more years of education and she will marry four years later and have 2.2 fewer children.

• When 10 percent more girls go to secondary school, the country’s economy grows by 3 percent.

• When an educated girl earns income she reinvests 90 percent in her family, compared to 35 percent for a boy.

• When women have the skills to participate in public life, government corruption declines.

– from the Nike Foundation website