Hank’s Inspirations

Just a few of the beings for whom Hank’s grateful. You could probably say that they are the wind beneath Hank’s wings. If you’re from the 70s.


Hank also loves huckleberries. And whoever invented the Q-tip.*

…Want to know who’s inventing the new one? (The Q-tip, that is). Or thinking about the cotton swab’s universal principles? Or crafting them together for world peace? Take a look at some of Hank’s favorite thinking spots below:

If you don’t track TED: Ideas Worth Spreading already – go there now!

Then amble on over to  and for whatever you can spare, sponsor something wonderful–ideas, arts, you name it! Be a Medici, but without all the drama.

Other great sources of news and inspirations:

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*Excerpted from Wikipedia: ‘Cotton swabs…consist of a small wad of cotton wrapped around one or both ends of a short rod…commonly used in a variety of applications…An old saying states that one q-tip is a lifetime of happiness [emphasis Hank’s]. The cotton swab was invented in the 1920s by Leo Gerstenzang after he attached wads of cotton to toothpicks. His product, which he named “Baby Gays”, went on to become the most widely sold brand name, “Q-tips”, with the Q standing for “quality”…’

Who knew? Well, now you do.


Never forget that justice is what love looks like in public.

~ Cornel West