Squirrels: Hank’s Amuse-Bouches

Ah, the Other, Other, Other White Meat. This is the spot where Hank shares some of his favorite recipes and foodie discoveries. Check back for new additions!

…You’re surprised that Hank has culinary leanings, outside of the woodland variety? In fact, eschewing only lettuce* and all items on the Doggie-Do-Not-Eat List**, everything remaining is fair game in Hank’s book (to be published Spring, 2012). Who knew he fancied Brussels sprouts?

In that light, Hank was heartened by recent announcements coming from the U.S. FDA, encouraging Americans to eat more vegetables:


In order to assist with this effort, Hank has prepared a special video showing precisely how to eat organic, locally grown carrots.  Enjoy this short film, America, and Bon appetit!



*Applies only to naked lettuce. Hank finds dressed lettuce strangely alluring.

** According to the American Veterinary Medical Association (AMVA) and the unfortunate personal experiences of a “friend” of Hank’s, the following are on the Doggie-Do-Not-Eat list:

  • tires
  • garlic
  • garbage
  • apple seeds, cherry pits, peach pits, plum pits (pits contain the toxin cyanide)
  • chocolate, esp. baking chocolate (caffeine & theobromine are the culprits)
  • onions
  • glass
  • large quantities of metal, plastic, gym socks, tennis balls, dirt, sticks, styrofoam, pinecones, shoes, barnacles, wax, rocks
  • grapes and raisins (wine goes without saying–just saying)
  • various houseplants
  • rising bread dough/other yeasty stuff (beer too–just saying)
  • coffee, coffee grounds
  • bones (esp. poultry bones which splinter easily)
  • human medications
  • xylitol (artificial sweetener)
  • macadamia nuts
  • avocado seeds (contains Persin which is a purgative)
  • rat poison, mouse poison (pretty much all poisons–just saying)
  • dead, rotted salmon
  • dead, moldy, rotted anything
  • batteries
  • antifreeze
  • mothballs
  • pennies minted after 1982 (zinc)
  • cleaning products/chemicals/insecticides/fertilizers, etc.
  • 30 lb. bags of expensive dog food left unattended