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Earth Hour tonight

Hey dogs! It’s spring, and that means Hank’s going to participate in Earth Hour tonight—he hopes you will, too. Tonight, at 8:30 PM, folks around the globe will switch off their lights as a symbol of their commitment to solving … Continue reading

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Cougars, Cougars, everywhere…it’s time for a Cougar-rama!

Rrrowr! You kids may have heard of the marvelous night photos showing eight, count `em, eight cougars on a cliff near Moses Coulee in eastern Washington (think: Channeled Scablands, multiple erratics, glacial drift, hopsage, bitterbrush & bunchgrass) which is pretty … Continue reading

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29 A.V. (After Valley)

Brilliant. On a side note, one of Hank’s Very Favorite People distinctly remembers the day Valley came to her school, far, far away from the San Fernando Valley. It was funny. For that day. Then it wasn’t funny anymore. And … Continue reading

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Half the Sky

Hey sportsfans! Just a quick Superbowl Sunday post on a topic Hank cares a bunch about: changing the lives of women + girls in the developing world. Lifting the world’s girls out of poverty and lives of servitude with education … Continue reading

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