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House of Hank Rulz!

We’re not a rules bunch here at the House of Hank; we’re not a particularly law and order crowd. In fact, we rate ridiculously far over to the “EXCESSIVELY OUTGOING! EMPATHETIC! EASILY EXCITABLE!” side of the various Meyers/Briggs/Jungian/name-your-cult/insert-your-guru-here personality tests. … Continue reading

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This is My Earth, My Country

The supposedly old Chinese curse, “May you live in interesting times” makes more and more sense the older Hank gets, even as a fictional phrase. He prefers “It’s better to be a dog in a peaceful time than be a … Continue reading

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Along for the Ride

Check out the latest from Hank’s friend Mimi Allin, aka the Poetess of Greenlake. Mimi has spent the last 3 months–very cold, very wet wintery months–living at Tent City 3 in Seattle’s Maple Leaf neighborhood. Hank thinks she’s one of … Continue reading

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Half the Sky

Hey sportsfans! Just a quick Superbowl Sunday post on a topic Hank cares a bunch about: changing the lives of women + girls in the developing world. Lifting the world’s girls out of poverty and lives of servitude with education … Continue reading

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Tasty Morsel of the Week: “Chicken Vanishes, Heartbreak Ensues”

“We’re not sure where she’s been, but now she speaks Russian, has a few tattoos, and insists that we call her Kiki…” (Click the chicken below for NYT article):

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Are you IN or OUT?

Aloha Friday, dogs. As you know, Hank tries to keep it light, and spread light, but lately there have been some serious things on his noggin’.  Starting locally, you probably know about the 100 or so Huskies killed by our … Continue reading

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